Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit

Deputy Mayor for policing, crime, criminal justice and fire, Kate Green, went out on patrol with Op Venture officers around violence hotspots on Monday 5 June 2023.

Op Venture was set up in December 2022 as Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP’s) answer to the threat of serious violence and knife crime.

Within minutes of leaving Central Park police station, the Deputy Mayor saw officers deployed to a variety of jobs. Officers conducted six stop searches, two partnership referrals, two weapons sweeps and one arrest.

The total number of arrests the team have made since they were launched in December 2022 now stands at 175. The team have also carried out over 200 stop-searches where action was taken against an offender.

Since December, the team have also seized 54 weapons – each one accounting for one less weapon on the streets and in the hands of someone who could have potentially used it with tragic consequences.

Sergeant Mohammed Waqas, of GMP’s Operation Venture team, said: “Overall, it was a very busy day with footfall and a number of people engaged and spoke to us.

“It was enjoyable to have the Deputy Mayor out with us and it’s safe to say she saw plenty of action.

“Providing high visibility policing to our communities is at the heart of what we do. Well done to the Op Venture team for another round of successful results.”

Deputy Mayor Kate Green said: “It was great to meet the officers that form the Op Venture team and spend some time with them as they patrolled crime hotspots across Greater Manchester.

“Enforcement is obviously a key part of the work we are doing in Greater Manchester to tackle serious violence and is supported by the work of partners and the Violence Reduction Unit, who seek to prevent violence by addressing the underlying causes.

“I witnessed the officers interacting with a number of young people throughout the day, who were encouraged to think about their behaviours and choices, and in some cases, referred onto support services.”

Operation Venture is here for the duration and will continue tackling serious violence by making arrests and seizing weapons and making partnership referrals where necessary.

Article posted on: 13/06/2023 10:06am

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