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Our initiatives

The VRU leads and supports a number of initiatives across Greater Manchester, that aim to prevent violence.

Round Midnight

Round Midnight is an award-winning creative arts organisation that specialises in theatre, drama, and tech in education.

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Social Switch project

The Social Switch Project is switching the narrative on how social media’s relationship to youth  violence is understood, tackled and solved.

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StreetGames is one of the UK's leading 'sport for development' charities - changing lives and transforming communities through the power of sport.

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Schools Engagement Officers

The School Engagement Officer (SEO) programme is part of a Greater Manchester-wide strategy to reduce serious youth violence.

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Navigator Project

The Greater Manchester Navigator Project is a youth-focused, violence reduction project based in four Greater Manchester hospitals.

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Mentors in Violence Prevention

The MVP Programme is a peer-led leadership and bystander programme developed in the United States by US Educator Dr Jackson Katz. MVP offers excellent opportunities to discuss a range of current social issues within an educational framework where positive relationships, Health and Wellbeing are key.

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Street Doctors

At StreetDoctors we believe that knowledge is power, so we equip young people affected by violence with the skills to become lifesavers in their communities, and with the knowledge to make informed decisions about how to keep themselves and others safe.

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Football Beyond Borders

The Football Beyond Borders (FBB) Schools programme exists to transform the behaviour and attitude to learning of young people. The programme is built around our classroom-based, football-themed curriculum and builds on the strengths and potential of our participants through putting their passions at the heart of their learning.

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Supporters of the Violence Reduction Unit

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