Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit

Greater Manchester’s Violence Reduction Unit is working with Achieve North West Connect to support people on probation who are at risk of violent or other offending by providing a ‘personal budget’. The ‘personal budget’ is intended to uplift and enhance a service user’s life chances and support them with their employment, education, and training goals.

To date, the ‘personal budget’ funding has been awarded to 55 people aged 18-25 on probation in Greater Manchester. The funding, intended to support people on probation in a way that allows them to make positive changes in their live and move away from crime, has proven to make a positive impact on the lives of those that receive it.

The personal budget has funded a range of initiatives, the below case studies give an example of the kind of support provided to young people.

In one case, a young person was offered a work placement in the rail industry, PPE was a requirement but could not be afforded by the young person. The young person was given a ‘personal budget’ to buy a safety helmet, boots, hi-vis clothing, thermals, and safety gloves, allowing them to take up their placement and reduce the risk of reoffending by working towards employment in this industry.

In a second case, funding was provided for a bike for a young person recently accepted onto a Level 3 Personal Training qualification at Manchester College. The bike meant the young person could travel from home to college each day, saving money on a bus fare and improving health and wellbeing by exercising. The bike will ensure he is able to get to college to obtain a qualification and pave a career going forwards.

Referrals to the ‘personal budget’ are made via Community Probation Practitioners.

The ongoing project continues to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Article posted on: 20/12/2021 09:12am

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