Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit

Greater Manchester Trusted Relationships project aims to enhance the support for young people at risk of abuse and exploitation, by strengthening existing relationships between young people and the adults who are there to support them.

Funded by the Home Office from 2018 and hosted by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, in 2022 the project received mainstream funding by health and social care.  The project embeds experienced mental health clinicians, from the Greater Manchester Resilience Hub, within Complex Safeguarding Teams that work to protect young people and families from exploitation (primarily Criminal Exploitation and Sexual Exploitation). The clinicians work with the multiagency professionals in the team to support trauma-informed practice and a child-centred approach; the offer is bespoke to each team.

Clinicians help teams to think about the impact of trauma on the young people they are supporting. They can also help individuals to support their own wellbeing and manage the emotional impact of working in a demanding area.

Three key interventions are offered by the Trusted Relationships project:



Training topics include:

Over the past four years, considerable feedback about the benefits of this service has been gathered. A paper written by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) gathered feedback from over 50 professionals from the 10 complex safeguarding teams across Greater Manchester. The paper highlighted findings from interactive polls that showed that the work had allowed clinicians to build relationships with young people, supported parents to consider young peoples opinions and increased staff confidence in their practise.

Suzanne Smith, Psychotherapist for the Trusted Relationships programme said: “Developing trusted relationships with young people underpins all the complex safeguarding teams safeguarding work.

“Trusted Relationship consultations offer staff the opportunity to enhance their psychological understanding of the implications of their young peoples’ experiences of trauma and exploitation, to explore how to progress in their work with young people.

It also offers the team a scaffold for social and emotional support as professionals, and as a team, which is complemented by a weekly opportunity for compassionate mind practice.”

To find out more, including to hear feedback from the team, visit Greater Manchester trusted relationships project :: Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Article posted on: 18/07/2022 02:07pm

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