Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit

Dr Rachel Jenner, Clinical Lead for the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) was invited to deliver a keynote speech in the violence reduction stream at the Trauma Care Conference held in Manchester at the Museum of Science and Industry on June 5th.

Trauma Care is a national charity committed to improving outcomes of people sustaining injuries by establishing best practice throughout the whole chain of care. The Trauma Care Conference, now in its 26th year, brings in a broad spectrum of distinguished speakers, programme leads, cohorts and exhibitors, from a wide range of specialties, professions and backgrounds.

Rachel spoke about the progress made so far in violence reduction both locally and nationally and plans to further embed the public health approach. The programme also gave the opportunity for speakers from Greater Manchester to highlight some of the successful programmes delivered so far.

Hannah Barton, Project Coordinator for the Greater Manchester Navigator programme, spoke about how youth workers have been embedded into hospitals and the expansion of the service to take community referrals. Sarah Anastasiou spoke powerfully about the impact of the support on her family and her experience as a parent. Kirsten McDermott, Advanced Paramedic at North West Ambulance Service, highlighted the role of paramedics and pre-hospital teams in violence reduction.

There was also a talk from Dr Cath White, Medical Director and co-founder of the Institute for Addressing Strangulation, about the risks associated with non-fatal strangulation.

Martin Griffiths, National Clinical Director for Violence Reduction, was awarded a prestigious Trauma Care Fellowship at the conference.

The day was an exciting opportunity for healthcare professionals interested in violence reduction and prevention to come together and share ideas and expertise.

Article posted on: 06/07/2023 11:07am

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